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Welcome to my blog. It's pink and black. i love pink and black very much.so lets blogging :); Dashboard | +Follow
arrGGGRRHHHHhhhhhh streeessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
pesal laa ak y kene hah????? 
pe lg y ak patut ckp hah!!!! ak x ley tima,,x ley laaa..
adoiiii,,ak da letih tau x,,letih!!!kene mghdap bnda nie hari hari,,nek fed up nak mampos aku!!!!!!
x nak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\jgan paksa aku!!!
t ak akn buat jahat utk ko laa!!!
ak x nk buat jahat dgn ko,,
x nk xnk xnk!!!!

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this is my life n my story..it may not be perfect as the other peoples out there..but as long as i love myself,family,someone,and my frens..nothing else matter :) enjoy our life everyday wif a lots of love..

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