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together ~~~
actlly dont know wht to say here...
just feels relax bcoz dua test dah lepas ~~ cm puas hati tu dlm 70 % la kan :)
rasa smngt na blajar laaa dh last sem nie kan ~~
n also jd cikgu dkt sape yg mmg suka aku ajar dia tu lah ... ahhahaa
mcm teruk je i jd cikgu,,tp mesti laa ade bakat cikit sbb my mom kan cikgu :P
two days study together.. wif friends also !!!
so discuss wht we have to do ..but still making some mistake ..urghh ~~~ yes i cuai btol laa.. wht use of question if we do not like to read right???  im doing same mistake again !!! :'(
tp asew mcm leh cover dgn question satu lagi kot ~~ just praying ~~~  lalalalaaa...
hahaa time tu ade 5 mnit lg asew masa tuk jawab.. lect dtg ckp ape awk buat nie,,read your question again!! so time tu mmg siyes dah gelabah n i know x dpt sempat mane nak buat dh la kan... so tggal cmtu jelaa.. :'( 
sob3 !!!
hurmm tawakkal jela kan .. yg paling pntg kita usaha ....

:P byee ~~~

i love my eyes :)

**ank murid nak lanje cikgu date!!! ahahahaa :P

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this is my life n my story..it may not be perfect as the other peoples out there..but as long as i love myself,family,someone,and my frens..nothing else matter :) enjoy our life everyday wif a lots of love..

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