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thinking ~~~
pe kaitan tajuk di atas dgn ape yg ak na mengarut nie..
hihi dont have any point.. now at 2.36 am im still awake..
sbb td da tdow,,so dh stdy ckit2n  just take a look pape yg ptt for revision esok ~~~
actlly ak lapar ~~~ tp kt rumah nie da x de pape utk di mkn..
hujung2 sem cmni semua dh kurg,,duit kurg mknan kurg semua lah !!!
hahaa so sbb x mmpu na kua mlm2 cmni dgn xde sape yg na teman kn ~~
so ak just buat susu as like my mom pesan.. please mnum susu stiap mlm bcoz b4 this i have ke sengalan pnykt x dpt mkn .. ahha mybe byk angin lm badan kot.. so susu kan bagus tuk back up pape yg kurg ~~~
dua keping jacobs n susu dh ok laa tgh2 mlm cmni...nak buat cmne sape suh tdow n bgun time semua kwn2 nak tdow da... so im alone laa skrg nie ~~~
hurmm today dont know la pe nak ckp.. ak mcm x suka la bnda yg jd td.. but someone said its ok ~~
but for me its not ok !!! but until when nak senyap je n x ckp pape kan ~~~ hilang terus mood..ahaha...
dia try na buat ak yakin,,but for sure ak mmg x suka n x yakin lah !!! so sorry.. next time dont want anymore ok ~~

CRYING is not a sign of weakness, but it's a sign of true love. It's a sign that you care about someone very deeply...

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this is my life n my story..it may not be perfect as the other peoples out there..but as long as i love myself,family,someone,and my frens..nothing else matter :) enjoy our life everyday wif a lots of love..

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