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starting sem 5 :)
yeayyhh dah jd student last year da,,kikiki...
rasa bangga pun ade ckit,,hohooo :P
hurmm pe na story eaa..xde smthg yg menarik pun,,just schedule sem nie btol2 best lah..
coz 14 jam kredit je,,class mmg sikit lah,,lgi byk makmal..so bz dia just doin report2 cmtu kan..
jumaat mmg free whole day.. mmg suka :) tp yg x suka of cos la class kol 8 pagi!!!! grrrr ~~~
hoping this sem makin best,,mudah n sng dpt mark :P nak 4 flat nie ~~~

sem 5 punye pict :)

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this is my life n my story..it may not be perfect as the other peoples out there..but as long as i love myself,family,someone,and my frens..nothing else matter :) enjoy our life everyday wif a lots of love..

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